Friday, 4 May 2012


I am a little bit in love with Fire Agate, it has a wonderful organic, volcanic look that adds an exciting fiery earthy element to jewellery, and always makes a statement! Though it comes in different colours (the blue and burgundy will follow in later posts) the red/orange does it for me every time!
The look of a gemstone can be altered depending on the gemstones surrounding it, as these two necklaces show: the first has a dramatic, autumnal feel, the second a lighter summer feel. This is also an excellent illustration in the effect of light on the gemstones: the second photo captures the essence and beauty of the gemstones in natural sunlight, which is sadly lost in the first picture.

Fire Agate, Coral & Lava Rock.
The use of lava and coral adds lovely texture to this piece, and further enhances the organic quality of the agate: think bright orange embers burning amongst dark coals. The smaller stones are light, so make lovely earrings, and look dramatic when worn with hair up so the shape can be seen against the skin.

Fire Agate, Carnelian, Orange Chinese Jade.
Teaming the agate with lighter colours brightens the overall effect. I have used Carnelian nuggets and round beads to add variety in texture, and a jade drop pendant that sets off the agate nicely. Orange is very on-trend for summer, but I love it through the autumn as well with black or brown clothes.

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