Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Hot Stuff

Shades of red are so popular in jewellery. From the bright crimson of Coral to muted tones of Jasper, reds offer something for everyone. Glamorous, fun, earthy, sexy: whatever you want from your jewellery there will be a red to suit you! I love that people who feel that they can't wear red clothes, or that it doesn't suit them, still love red jewellery as it can add a bit of pizazz to your outfit!

SOLD: Red and Leopard Jasper
The colours of this piece are really rich (it has paled a bit in the light on this photo!) and the variant tones within the leopard jasper compliment the red jasper beautifully. I love the more matt texture of Jasper, and it feels lovely against the skin. This is such a comfortable, wearable set.

Red Coral and Dalmatian Jasper
Its no secret that I love Dalmatian Jasper, and I often seem to pair it with coral as I think reds compliment it beautifully. The square shapes of the Dalmatian add a different look, and really make the design of the pendant stand out. Again, dress it up or down for night or day a really versatile set (apologies I had run out of earring hooks when I took the photo, but you get the idea!)

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