Thursday, 17 May 2012

Pearly Queen

Pearls are such a classic, lovely organic gem. Having been the mainstay of, ahem, grannies for a number of years, pearls have enjoyed such a resurgence. This is in part due to the popularity of vintage style, but also the setting of pearls into simple modern design, and the availability of gorgeous coloured pearls. I personally am as much a fan of the classic white pearl as of the lovely colours, but coloured pearls definitely add a new dimension to a classic look.

Pink Baroque Pearls and Haematite
When I started making jewellery, coloured pearls and haematite was one of the earliest combinations I put together, and I still use it often to this day. There is something really special about the play of light berween the two gems that is very pretty and so popular. Baroque refers to the oval shape of the pearl. These pearls are different from round/ potato pearls in that they do not usually have rings but are smaller, and may have a slightly flat back.

SOLD/ Commission Set: Teal Baroque Pearls and Silver.
This is a great example of a modern take on a string of pearls. Using nothing but pearls, I integrated a simple flower design into the piece to lift the look and make it slightly more feminine. I added small silver spacers to the earrings to add interest, and make them pretty enough to be worn alone without the necklace.

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