Monday, 7 May 2012


For me, a holiday just isn't a holiday without sand and sea. Jewellery that captures ocean blues and natural driftwood or sandy colours and shapes are perenially popular. When I wear it, it never fails to lift my mood.

Blue Crackle Agate, Bronzite, Tiger's Eye.
The chunky Bronzite barrels give a casual look to these pieces, and are a popular look for men's jewellery too. The tiny Tiger's Eye beads add an element of delicacy to the pieces to balance them, particularly the earrings, and the lovely frosted crackle Agate just reminds me of frothy white waves on a blue ocean.

SOLD: Blue Crackle Agate, Blue Fire Agate, Picture Jasper.
Rather than the highly polished shine that is usually found in Agate, this Crackle agate has a frosted surface, giving a different texture to the jewellery. The smaller fire agate beads are polished and faceted, to catch the light. The long nugget shapes of Picture Jasper have myriad patterns and colours, giving a natural look  reminiscent of driftwood.

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