Saturday, 5 May 2012

Himalayan Influence

Turquoise, Red Coral.
When I was in Tibet, I noticed that a lot of people wore Turquoise and Coral beads. This struck me as a little odd at first: here, at the highest plateau of the earth, for thousands of years, people had had access to this organic gem of the sea. But geologically, the mountains of Tibet used to be at sea level: millions of years ago, when the Indian sub-continent smashed into the Asian mainland, the land that was once at sea-level was forced upwards to eventually produce the highest mountain range in the world. And the coral of course moved with it.
I love the history - both natural and cultural - of gemstones, and to use them in the combination that is traditional to a culture adds interest to the pieces. Plus, the colour combination is lovely and bright, with a summery, tribal feel enhanced by the design of the necklace.

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