Monday, 30 April 2012

Monochrome Magic

SOLD/Commission piece: Black Agate, Black Zebra Jasper, White Jade.
Black and white will never go out of fashion, and look great for day or night. This piece was a long necklace but would look equally good at choker length. Black agate pendants like this are so versatile in jewellery making, and I love to integrate them into my designs, as they go with any colour.

Heavy Metal?

SOLD/Commission set: Pyrite, Lemon Jade.
I enjoy working with pyrite, though striking a balance with this metallic gem can be challenging. I've learnt not to be afraid of mixing it with delicate colours and shapes, and as a result have produced some pretty, feminine pieces. These flower-shaped beads and smaller round shapes help to keep the girly element of the design, and complement the pale, creamy jade beautifully.

Sweetie Pie.

Fire Agate, Adventurine, Blue-pink Jade, Pink Magnesite.
There is something universally appealing about gems that look like sweeties. These summery bright colours give a slightly tribal design a contemporary look. As I make more jewellery I bcome less concerned about trying multi-colour combinations: I know I can always snip the thread and start over. But there is always someone that will like the unique piece you have created. 
Large focal beads such as these lush honeycomb-like Fire Agate look lovely alone but when framed by a design of smaller beads, they really stand out.

Mother Earth

Nature-inspired green and brown tones can be easily dressed up or down, and transcend seasons and trends to become a versatile addition to any wardrobe.

Green jasper & Brown zebra jasper:
Simple round beads of different sizes work well together on this drop necklace and bracelet set. The drop pendant adds added interest without requiring a separate large pendant bead. Jasper is lovely to use in the summer as it is a lighter gem than many others, making great beach jewellery.

Moss Agate & Picture jasper:
This pretty set is a contrast of colour, shape and texture: the picture jasper nuggets have an opaque, matt finish, and remind me of driftwood. Moss agate varies greatly in hue across the green spectrum, and some gems are opaque while others are partially transparent and have pretty, moss-like inclusions. They are polished to a glass-like finish that reflects light beautifully. I particularly like the earrings in this set, as the nugget shape drops hang nicely and give a very different look compared to regular bead shapes.

Friday, 27 April 2012


Peach Adventurine, Yellow Agate, Black Veined Jasper.

I couldn't help but think of summer while making this set. Lovely scoops of ice cream and lemon sorbet! Somehow I often think of food when I look at gemstones. Maybe I'm just always thinking of food...! Combining different shapes of bead gives a more organic feel to the pieces, especially using the nuggets of yellow agate. The cluster at the centre makes an unusual focus. The adventurine beads are large, so I've used them quite sparingly, and they definitely make a bold statement!

Mini Sets

I personally don't always like to have complete matching sets of jewellery. Often I make a whole necklace, bracelet, earrings combo, but sometimes a cute earrings and bracelet set is preferable. Some people like big statement necklaces, but I know lots of people who actually don't wear things round their neck. Also, because the necklaces use such a large number of beads, these smaller sets can be a cost-effective option for buyers.


 SOLD: Fuschia Tiger's Eye and Rutilated Quartz. 
The "texture" of some gemstones amazes me: while the surface is smoothed and polished, the way light is refracted internally gives Tiger's Eye its beautiful characteristics. Rutilated quartz is a white quartz with needle-like inclusions of another mineral, in this case tourmaline. They give a striking dimensional look to the gem.


SOLD: Purple Agate & Labradorite.
This agate is a gorgeous colour, and the different densities within the stone give a lovely two-tone effect of a deep dark purple and a lighter translucent purple. Labradorite is a lovely stone, which has a subtle blue internal shimmer which sadly isn't picked up in this photo. The faceted cut of both these stones really makes them sparkle.

SOLD: Dalmatian Jasper, Red Coral & Red Jade.
Jasper is an opaque stone with a fascinating array of different patternings. Dalmatian is one of my favourites, giving a chic animal print look in a natural gemstone. The red coral really complements the jasper. For the record, the coral that I buy is ethically sourced, mined from dead or fossilised rather than living reefs. The small red jades finish off the earrings and charm beautifully.


Red and white, but no blue! This necklace is white coral ovals, with red jade small beads. I love flower designs in my jewellery, so I experiment with different ways to add them. The necklace is strung on clear nylon with gaps in the beads for an "illusion" effect.

I'm still experimenting with photographing my jewellery, at the moment using my dressing table stool as a background. I'd like to find ways to improve, but I've always struggled to photograph my crafts to the best effect.


My jewellery making hobby is taking off in a big way, so I'm separating it from my other blog, Paper Cadillac. Hopefully it will make it a bit easier for me to showcase the different designs and talk about them without it getting lost with my other crafts. This blog isn't about the hard sell, its more to display my designs. I love to inspire and take inspiration from other crafters and lovers of handmade, so welcome on board!