Thursday, 31 May 2012

Amazing Amethyst

Amethyst is one of the most popular and to me most beautiful gemstones available. It has many different tones and clarities and is universally loved. Pairing it with other gemstones is no hardship, as it co-ordinates with so many things.

Amethyst, Amazonite and Rose Quartz:
A sherbety, summery set that looks good enough to eat! These shades pack a little more punch than your average pastels, but still remain wearable if you don't like things too bright, and are very on trend this season!

SOLD: Faceted Amethyst and Baroque Pearl.
Cuff bracelets are something I dont often venture into. Mainly it's because they can use up as many beads as a necklace, and I worry that people dont want to pay so much for a bracelet. However, I am always wrong, as they seem to sell when I do make them. This has taught me to go with my instincts when it comes to making jewellery: make something you think is beautiful, and people will pay for the quality of handmade goods and genuine gemstones without hesitation.

Amethyst coins Sage Amethyst ovals and purple Jade.
Creating a one-colour necklace using different shapes and cuts of stones gives a dramatic and classy finish. This longer necklace would sit beautifully over any maxi dress, plain white tee, evening name it. Its rewarding to make a piece that you can see has great versatility and that is fun and easy to wear.

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