Thursday, 3 May 2012

Candy Colours

Multi-coloured Quartz with Citrine.
Using contrasting shape, cut and colours of gems introduces a contemporary feel to pieces. The pale yellow rough-cut nuggets of Citrine stop the rainbow of smooth quartz nuggets from being too overpowering, but still add to the summery feel of the piece. I have introduced a simple design element of the citrine flower, which sits asymmetrically at the neckline to add an unusual look. I tend to make symmetrical designs: if there is a flower or a cluster or design element, it tends to fall in the centre, but I am trying to expand away from this, to give more variety and interest to my pieces.

A good design tip: if you want to make earrings, select the beads for these first. Particularly if you are using nuggets or irregular shapes. In this case, I decided to use 2 different colours of the Quartz, but I selected 2 of the citrine nuggets of a similar shape and weight.

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